Thursday, January 02, 2003

Tools will Save You

My points are invalid because my RSS, HTML and email link are broken. Condemn me for my argument not my broken tools! At least you didn't comment on my appearance, spelling or grammar. Anyway, unless you parsed them yourself you used tools to see that my RSS and HTML were invalid. But is HTML or RSS flawed because my RSS and HTML are flawed? These can be fixed and will. I'm sorry you missed the point.

- I've written about RDF's failure with RSS before, its great tragedy (this one references a previous Dive Into Mark), and a simple way to convert between the various formats. I also think that the RDF/XML syntax is a mess and is an obstacle to good tool writing.
- An example where competition and truth can work together is with Semantic Web Services. There's also the more indepth paper "The Web Service Modeling Framework (WSMF)" (which covers mediated P2P as a way to get around the schema problems in a P2P environment).
- Blogger annoys me a lot, the ampersand problem is just one of many, it mangles ampersands in links. I really want to stop using it but I have to worry about not only moving to something else but taking this content with me. Again, a problem for a tool.
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