Tuesday, January 11, 2005

2 for J2EE

Improve the quality of your J2EE-based projects "Enter the Eclipse IDE, which provides built-in capabilities that, when used with several plug-ins, can aid in increasing the quality of both the codebase and the system. Eclipse is an open, extensible IDE built for anything and nothing in particular. Eclipse’s Java development environment is open source, free, and fully customizable. Eclipse both enables and promotes the addition of new capabilities via open source and commercially available custom-built plug-ins. By utilizing Eclipse...it is possible for a developer, and a team, to measure the quality of any J2EE- or Java-based system."

Includes: Checkstyle, Jupiter, Metrics, XDoclet, WSVT, JUnit, GroboCodeCoverage, Eclipse Profiler.

A non-free tool LISA smiles on J2EE app testers.
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