Thursday, January 20, 2005

More on Comment Spam

Well I found some of mine here, here and here.

MSN Search and MSN Blogger are supporting it too.

Tim Bray's No Follow suggests another enhancement "...which says “don’t count this link for ranking purposes, but do take its content seriously as relevant to the indicated site.”

The Other Shoe on Nofollow "I can link to something I dislike and use the power of my link in order to punish the linked, but it won’t push them into a higher search result status...It’s an abuse of the purpose of the tag, which was agreed on to discourage comment spammers. More than that, though, it’s an abuse of the the core nature of this environment, where our criticism of another party, such as a weblogger, came with the price of a link. Now, even that price is gone."

Google adds "nofollow" to link tags "This will change how I write. And it will encourage more people to link to their competitors....Oh, and, did anyone notice how Google got its competitors to do something without needing to get a standards committee involved? All within hours?"

This reminds me of Annotea, "Annotea: An Open RDF Infrastructure for Shared Web Annotations" and Mozilla package.
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