Friday, January 28, 2005

Kowari, Jobs and stuff

This is just an update of the crisis from a few weeks ago.

First off, Kowari development hasn't stopped. There's been code changes from Simon, David M and myself. More importantly there's been quite a lot of planning involved and more to come. It's also been encouraging to get so many potential leads for future paid work. However, unlike some of the other people from Tucana I needed to get work, for sure, by sometime about now. So with that in mind I've taken a J2EE contracting job for 3 months, it starts Monday. While working on Kowari we've taken reduced pays or no pays but the periods have been somewhat predictable, allowing me to plan ahead. Without any of that, things had to happen faster than I would've liked.

Already though, I have a chance for my first paid Kowari work. This is an article about how Kowari handles blank nodes - both in querying and through various APIs.

The next set of work I'd like to do would be OPTIONAL. There seems to be quite a lot of interest in that. So having recently added things like trans, walk, having, exclude etc. to iTQL it should be fairly straightforward to do this work. Something I could do, I think, in my spare time.

The other area of interest is of course OWL and inferencing. There's several issues involved with this and the two I'm currently most interested in is management of the graphs and handling schema changes. The first issue means there's a requirement for creating a triggering mechanism and creating logical graphs from several physical graphs. The second means reading and some how trying to validate ideas that I've already had.

If you are someone who would like to get involved in supporting contracting work for Kowari then get in touch with Software Memetics. The key benefit of this is to be able to use the pool of ex-Tucana developers. Going forward it's obvious that we need more developers and a steady supply of work - I'd especially be interested in long term contracts or full time work.

Paul has also put up what's happening to him and so has Andrae.
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