Friday, January 28, 2005

Bubble cars and the year of metadata

Cheap Eats at the Semantic Web Café "This event happened for me the past few weeks; an experience formed of discussions about digital identity and laws of same, LID, Technorati Tags, new and old syndication formats, Google’s nofollow, and the divide between tech and user. Especially the divide between tech and user." Wow!

Burningbird on why tagging can't violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics "My initial concern about the hype is whether we're going to get more apps that get us tagging. If we don't, then tags won't have much effect. If we do, then I simply don't know whether we're going to be able to solve the problems inherent in scaling tags: Tags work because they're so simple and because they are so connected to the human semantic context, but having billions of tags won't work because they're so simple and connected to the human semantic context."

Applications to get you tagging is covered in: I Want a Pony: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App "Nobody cares what “metadata” means, but they for damn sure know they want their mp3s tagged correctly. Ditto for, where Master Joshua has shown the world that people will tag stuff that’s important in their world. Don’t like someone else’s homebrewed taxonomy? Doesn’t matter, because you don't need to like it. If I have a repeatable system for tagging the information on just my Mac and it’s working for me, that’s really all that matters."

"The upcoming Tiger release of brings iTunes-like smart folders to your mail, and that’s so great. But I also want a Gmail-like tagging system that lets me create multiple non-destructive groupings without multiple copies or resorting to complex hacks. I want all my “stuff” to reside in a big pile, and then I want smart help to script it, organize it, and associate it however I like."
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